Ballard Business and CoWorking Center

A brand new co-working and business center located in Maine's historic capital.

With access to printing, conference spaces and AV tech, proximity to the Ballard Center gym and Ballard Cafe, and plentiful parking, our center is designed to provide for all your professional needs and more.

Memberships begin at $20 and are flexible to fit your needs. CONTACT US now for a private tour.


Flexible to Fit Your Need

From single day access to designated desks and private offices, flexible BBCC memberships are built to your needs. 

Our phone booths allow for privacy when making or taking important calls, and our printing and concierge services help you consolidate all of your professional needs under one roof. With plentiful parking and proximity to the Ballard Cafe and Ballard gym, you will be sure to cut your travel time significantly. 

Nonmembers can also lease our conference spaces, outfitted to meet your AV needs. Contact us for more information. 

Conference Space


BBCC offers a variety of conferences spaces to fit your needs. From break-away space designed to suit intimate meetings, to larger spaces designed for board meetings and conference sessions, you are provided with plentiful options. All plans come with access to our conference spaces, and additional scheduling needs can easily be scheduled and accommodated. 

concierge Service


Along with your membership you will be afforded access to a number of services and amenities, including printing and copying, conference room access, and more. Our concierge will help you manage this access so that you never have to think about it. Need to schedule a room, order some copies, make an adjustment to your membership plan? We've got you covered.